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Sanctuary with The Rick Ray Band
Cleveland Agora, Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
Tickets $20.00 adv. $24.00 Day of Show
Ticket Link Here

Rick Ray - The Guitarsonist from the album of the same name on Neurosis Records

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The newest album by The Rick Ray Band, "Can't Lie Hard Enough".

Available here at this site right now, available in select stores. Ordering info is to the right where all the Rick Ray CD's are listed.
This album can be purchased from 
CDBaby by clicking on the album cover.You can purchase a hard copy CD or download it. This also can be purchased from iTunes.

A very cool review of "Can't Lie Hard Enough" from Music Street Journal written by Gary Hill
and a review from Aural Innovations of "Can't Lie Hard Enough" written by Jerry Kranitz.

A 2009 album by The Rick Ray Band - 'The Setlist',
recorded live in a 5 hour jam at Studio G in
Middlefield, OH...this is an album of material
just as you would hear The Rick Ray Band
live on stage. 
This album covers material written and performed by Rick and his various bands from 1977 to 2008. You can purchase 'The Setlist' online from CDBaby at this link
Click here for a review of The Setlist from 'Sea Of Tranquility'.
Click here for a review of The Setlist from 'Music Street Journal'

Interview w/Rick Ray @ MUSIC STREET JOURNAL
The Setlist can be purchased from iTunes also.

'Violence Marred By Peace'
Click on album cover for a review from Aural Innovations

Violence Marred By Peace can be downloaded here's review of 'Violence Marred By Peace'

Sea Of Tranquility's review of 'Violence Marred By Peace'

The CD, 'Nothing ToLose', by the Rick Ray Band, ordering info
at the righthand side of this page. 

Interview with Rick at Sea Of Tranquility

Click on 'Temporary World' album cover to purchase from CDBaby

'Temorary World can also be purchased from iTunes.

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The Rick Ray Band performing live at Peabody's opening for The Michael Schenker Group.

Newspaper that has given the Rick Ray Band some good
coverage over the years, click on logo:


The Rick Ray Band - Live at Clay's Park opening for Pat Travers, Crack The Sky, Eric Gales Band and Michael Stanley & The Resonators at Rockstock WNCX's 25th Anniversary Concert put on by Neal Promotions.

Click on picture above for info on concert

The Rick Ray Band opening for Anvil in Cleveland, Ohio

  Rick Ray Band opening for Robin Trower at the HOB

The Rick Ray Band
is Rick Ray - Guitar and Vocals, Rick Schultz - Reeds, Gary Wood - Bass and Vocals, Al LeDonne - Drums

They've opened for Robin Trower, Kansas, The Dregs, Uli Jon Roth, Pat Travers,  Peter Frampton, Blue Oyster Cult, Allan Holdsworth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Steve Morse Band,   Michael Schenker Group,  Crack The Sky,  Lynch Mob, Anvil, Y&T, Gary Hoey Band, Michael Angelo Batio, Fates Warning, Vinnie Moore, Black Knights Rising (members of Dio, Black Sabbath), Kill Devil Hill (members of Black Sabbath, Dio, Pantera, Down), The Mark Wood Band (members of TSO), Eric Gales Band, Average White Band, Bruce Bouillet (guitarist from Racer X), Michael Stanley & The Resonators, Black Oak Arkansas, The Happy Together concert [featuring The Grass Roots, Flo & Eddie (from The Turtles & Frank Zappa & The Mothers), Mark Lindsay, Mickey Dolenz and The Buckinghams] and more.

There are also many available releases from this Psychedelic Progressive Hard Rock Fusion band.
The Rick Ray CD's available from Neurosis Records are as follows:
1.Abnormal Road (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
2.Balance Of Power (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
3.The Great Antagonist (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
4.Atomic Soldiers (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
5.Clone Man (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
6.Neurotic Tendencies (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
7.You People (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
8.Looking Into The Past (1999) R. Ray (Feat: Neurotic,RRB,Riot Act)  $7.00
9.The Key To The Bottomless Pit (1999) Rick Ray  $7.00
10.Cast Into Our Dimension (2000) Rick Ray  $7.00
11.Live At Suma (2000) Riot Act (a 1996 rerelease) Rick's old band  $7.00
12.Maniacal Disastrophe Tour (2000) Riot Act - Rick's old band $7.00
13.Approach With Extreme Caution (2000) Riot Act  - Rick's old band $7.00
14.Living In An Insane World (2000) Rick Ray  $7.00
15.Mind Control Inc. (2000) Rick Ray  $7.00
16.A Summary Of The Works Of Rick Ray (2000) Rick Ray  $7.00
Guitarsenal (2000) Rick Ray  $7.00
18.Manipulated DNA (2001) Rick Ray  $7.00
19.Insanity Flies (2001) Rick Ray  $7.00
20.Existing Passages (2002) Rick Ray $7.00 
21.The Guitarsonist (2002) Rick Ray  $7.00
22.Into The Hands Of Sinners (2003) The Rick Ray Band 
23.Out Of The Mist Of Obscurity (2003) The Rick Ray Band $7.00 
24.Night Of The Living Dedicated (2004)The Rick Ray Band  $7.00
25.Chainsaw Manicure (2004) Rick Ray  $7.00
26.Just Jammin' (2004) Neurotic (1978) RR's old band(Rough but cool)$7.00
Mazy Craniacs (2005) Neurotic (Circa 1979) RR's old band  $7.00
28.Temporary World (2005) The Rick Ray Band
29.Nothing To Lose (2007) The Rick Ray Band
30. Violence Marred By Peace (2008) The Rick Ray Band $7.00
The Setlist (2009) The Rick Ray Band ($7.00)
32.Can't Lie Hard Enough (2011) The Rick Ray Band ($7.00)

You can click on the above titles for reviews of these albums

If you'd like to purchase one of these CD's contact Rick at
If you'd like to book The Rick Ray Band contact Rick at

All these CD's can be purchased (prices listed above) through the mail Cash, Check or M.O. made payable to Rick Ray or you can use PAYPAL (Paypal email is )...or to the left, you can purchase some of the albums at CDBaby.

Mail to:
Rick Ray
4020 Logan's Way
Perry, OH 44081

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Also, The Rick Ray Band appears on
'Second Hand Smoke' A Tribute To Frank Marino 

Some of Rick Ray's artwork can be seen here - RICK'S ARTWORK      

Article in Belt Magazine about Rick's artwork


Rick Ray -The Guitarsonist

The Jokes On Me by The Rick Ray Band, live at the Odeon in Cleveland

Taken Control by Rick Ray off of the Guitarsenal album.

Poppy - by The Rick Ray Band, appears on the "Second Hand Smoke (A Tribute To Frank Marino)" album. Written by Frank Marino.

The Rick Ray Band live at the Cleveland Agora opening for Michael Schenker 1/28/14 performing the song "Hologram"

Fanfare by Rick Ray

Another song from the Rick Ray Band at the Cleveland Agora, opening for Michael Schenker 1/28/14

The Rick Ray Band live at the Cleveland Agora Ballroom 11/18/13 opening for Fates Warning

"Can't Lie Hard Enough" The Rick Ray Band live at The Pirates Cove 2/2/13 opening for Uli Jon Roth.

The Rick Ray Band live at Peabodys 3/5/2012 opening for The Michael Schenker Group

Judge and Jury from the CD "Can't Lie Hard Enough" by The Rick Ray Band on You Tube 2011

"Wonderful" from the CD - Can't Lie Hard Enough by The Rick Ray Band - footage from Lock 3 in Akron, Ohio - 2011

The song "Gotta Be" by The Rick Ray Band from the CD "Can't Lie Hard Enough" 2011

The Rick Ray Band performing the song "Blasphemy?" live from the album "Can't Lie Hard Enough" 2011

Video clip of the Rick Ray Band performing live at Clay's Park Amphitheater 2011

Video for 'Something A Little More Original' from the album The Setlist.

Video for 'Red Tape' from a live concert at the Time Warner Amphitheatre 2010

Video of Acoustic version of 'Red Tape' from the TV show 'Random Acts Of Music'. 2010

Video for 'The Rick Ray Band' on 'Wild Nite Radio' 2010

Video of the second 1/2 of the song 'Reservations In Cell #3' performed live at the Time Warner Amphitheatre 2010

"There's A Riot Outside" by The Rick Ray Band circa 1988

Video of The Rick Ray Band performing "The Atom Smasher" live at the Odeon in 2001

Video for "Awake From Reality" by The Rick Ray Band from the 2008 release "Violence Marred By Peace", contains rare pictures of the East Ohio Gas explosion from 1944.

"Guitaren't You Surprised" from the 2002 release 'The Guitarsonist.

The Rick Ray Band live at the Winchester 6/29/13

The Ray Benich Band - (Ray Benich, Rick Ray and Jim Dudash) live at the Beachland Tavern 2014 "Punk Loose In Gangland"

Ray Benich from Damnation of Adam Blessing and the Rick Ray Band got together to record "Cleveland, Ohio", written by Mr. on Cleveland, Ohio above to get to the song.

Rick Ray in concert opening for Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush. the H.O.B. opening for Robin Trower

 ...also The Rick Ray Band at the H.O.B. opening for MSG and Lynch Mob

At the HOB opening for Robin Trower

Rick @ the Winchester opening for Allen Holdsworth

"Guitaren't You Surprised" off of the Guitarsonist album by Rick Ray

Rick opening for Y&T at the Agora